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Justin Flitter
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Justin Flitter is currently the Global CMO for ValocityGlobal.com and Datainsight.co.nz.

A pragmatic, strategic marketer with 20 years experience working with Software as a Service (SaaS) and Professional Services brands in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Working at the intersection of tech, data and brand across digital, print and events Justin is a seasoned tactician, communicator and strategist.

Over the last 10 years Justin has also produced TEDxAuckland events, Founded and produced AI-Day, New Zealand’s Premier AI Conference and hosted dozens of professional events helping business leaders understand Artificial Intelligence and emerging technology.

AI New Zealand, was an events and digital content program informing and inspiring NZ's Instigators of Change, those tech savvy business leaders learning about and developing practical Artificial Intelligence. AI NZ formed partnerships with IBM, Clearpoint, PwC, AUT, Hudson Gavin Martin, Ipiphany.ai, Storicom and the Generator. Over 18 months AI NZ secured more than $350,000 in event sponsorship.

Justin was the 8th hire at Zendesk.com, helped Booktrack.com and Taskforce.com.au launch, developed Social Media marketing programs for Honda New Zealand and Hardys Health Stores, produced the Social Media report for the 2011 Rugby World Cup and wrote a Social Media strategy for the Wellington City Council. Justin founded one of New Zealand's first Business Incubators in 2000, launched the Auckland Social Media Club in 2009.

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Justin Flitter

CMO - Valocity Global - Justin.flitter@valocityglobal.com

CMO - Data Insight - Justin.flitter@datainsight.co.nz

Founder - AI-DAY, New Zealand's Premier Artificial Intelligence Event

Justin@flitter.co.nz | 027 2655 288

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Current Keynote Talks

The Laser Focused CMO

The methodology and best practices of an agile, data lead, pragmatic B2B CMO. How going back to basics and doing the simple things well could be the best marketing strategy, putting customer at the heart of your business, in the Age of AI.

Love your robots

It’s not that robots will take our jobs, it’s that humans who use robots will take the jobs of humans who don’t.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and separating the science from the science fiction. Justin Flitter will take you on a journey through the history of AI, applications changing the world today and explore what the future could look like in an Age of AI.


Igniting communities to fuel conversations and create new business.

Since graduating Massey University with a Bachelor of Business Information my career has pillared around events and communities.

From founding a Business Incubator, Young Professional Groups, Business Education and Networking events and major conferences like AI-DAY and producing TEDxAuckland; event production has become both a strength and a passion.

I've led Social and Digital Marketing Strategies for SaaS and Professional Services clients across New Zealand, Australia and the United States including Zendesk.com, Results.com and the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

I've helped business leaders learn about and apply emerging tech from Social Media to Artificial Intelligence. For 2 years I hosted monthly AI Show meetups regularly attended by up to 200 people. The AI Show showcased how businesses can use and leverage AI.

I founded AI-DAY, New Zealand’s Premier Artificial Intelligence event. In 2018 and 2019 in Partnership with NZTech and the AI Forum of New Zealand we produced two successful conferences bringing global corporate partners, international experts and local trailblazers together. AI-DAY brought conversations on the impact and opportunity with AI to the mainstream media, changing the narrative and increasing the understanding across public and private sector.

Today I’m the CMO at New Zealand Fintech company Valocity, growing and expanding across Asia Pacific and India.


Engaging New Zealand's Instigators of Change in Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology.

New Zealand.AI was born on a Friday evening at the pub. Like many great ventures out of need and spotting a market opportunity.

I'd been to several vendor AI events and spoken to attendees all asking what other events they could attend.

I started a meet-up that attracted 65 to a noisy bar in Britomart. There Shannon Thomas from IBM said 'We'll host the next one' and it became official.

Since June 2017 we've hosted almost a dozen monthly sold out AI Show events with 100-200 attendees each time.

AI New Zealand is an events and knowledge sharing platform to inform, support and showcase Kiwi businesses utilising Artificial intelligence and emerging tech.

Focused on engaging the broader business community learning about Artificial Intelligence, how to derive business value and build capability our events are largely non-technical, showcase style events.

We've developed a corporate partnership program with ClearPoint, IBM, PwC, AUT, Ipiphany.ai, Storicom, Hudson Gavin Martin and the Generator helping to create a sustainable business model and support a growing industry.

In partnership with the AI Forum of New Zealand we produce AI-DAY, New Zealand's Premier Artificial Intelligence event at the ASB Waterfront Theatre in March 2018 and 2019. This landmark event was attended by more than 500 people from 25 industries across the public and private sector.



3 Quarters of Double Digit Growth.

Results.com was a SaaS Business operations and intelligence platform with offices in Auckland, San Francisco and Vancouver. 

Born out of 20 years business coaching the team had created a SaaS platform to scale the methodology.

I joined in April 2016 to take a Senior Leadership position as CMO and develop a globally scalable digital marketing program. 

We deployed Marketo marketing automation platform and I re-built the company website. We lead with a content marketing program, leveraging our database of some 30,000 business leaders around the world.

We flipped the proposition from a Consultancy with a SaaS product to a SaaS Platform with Consultancy support. 

Working with the sales team was critical. We developed content and collateral that generated a 20% conversion rate.

After 6 months of developing the new strategy the company experienced three consecutive quarters of double digit growth. 

This technical marketing strategy was built on a methodology connecting content through a targeted digital advertising and lead generator program. We mapped lead attribution from 'interest to sales to renewal'. 

This was by far the most technical and challenging marketing strategy and leadership role of my career with a brilliant international team with a culture that breed success.



Ideas Worth Sharing @ TEDxAuckland.

TEDxAuckland is New Zealand's largest independently run TEDx Conference.

I attended the first two events in 2009 and 2010 and in 2012 put my hand up to join the organising team.

For several years I ran the marketing and social media programs before taking on more responsibility raising sponsorship and working with corporate partner engagement initiatives.

TEDxAuckland raised between $150-$250k p/a and attracted between 1,000 and 2,500 attendees at The Aotea Centre and Shed 10 venues.

In 2016 in joined TEDxAuckland License Holder Elliott Blade as the Co-Producer and in 2017 Produced the event, was one of the speaker coaches and MC'd the event with Andrew Patterson.

By far one of the highlights of my career. Driving a platform for New Zealanders to share their ideas with personal connections and global impact was an immensely satisfying and rewarding experience.



Business Growth Grants Program with ORA HQ.

Born out of Localist for Business ORA HQ was a Digital Marketing Agency and Analytics SaaS platform for SME's.

From it's inception I led the marketing program for 18 months helping to grow the business to 120 staff and 3500 customers.

We established the ORA Dreams Business Growth Grants program to accelerate and celebrate growing Kiwi Businesses.

In partnership with Westpac we awarded businesses with growth grants to accelerate their digital marketing and lead generation programs, profiling their stories and successes along the way.

We hosted several awards events with ex New Zealand Cricketer Dion Nash speaking at one and Brooke Howard-Smith MC'ng our events.

This initiative proved that community and events was a strong strategy to attract and retain customers.

Working with a team of 120 and taking a senior leadership position, hosting the monthly Town-Hall staff meetings in a fast paced and ever-changing start-up environment ought me many skills I'd take with me to future roles.



Social Media Club Auckland.

During my first trip to San Francisco with Zendesk I attended a Social Media Club event. That inspired me to launch the Auckland Social Media club in 2009.

With Gelato Guru Giapo and Wine Merchant Jason Bryant we hosted the first event on Social Media for retailers. 

SMCAKL ran for many years attracting 200-300 attendees and growing a huge community of social and digital media professionals along the way.

These events were free to attend by supported by corporates like Spark, Vodafone and many others. 

After a few years the organising committee grew and I handed over the leadership role. The program continued for 8 years through to the end of 2017. 



Champion of Customer Service with Zendesk.

In November 2008 I had been made redundant in the wake of the GFC and looking for a new opportunity. In my previous role at Fishpond I'd trialed Zendesk, a fresh new Customer Support platform.

I had recently joined LinkedIn so used that to search for people at Zendesk. I found Michael in Hong Kong and messaged him. Within ten minutes he'd reply "Here's my Skype username, call me!".

A week later I started as the 7th hire. At this stage the Zendesk had just 1,000 clients and was still being run out of the Founders kitchen in Denmark. 

I spent the summer writing the software documentation, which my the end was almost obsolete but I'd learnt the platform and started on Customer Support. 

As the company grew I launched their social media channels and online engagement program, tapping into Customer Service conversations on Twitter #CustServ. 

To connect with this community we started writing content, hosting webinars and developing our own thought leadership program. This was the beginning of Zendesk legendary content marketing program.

At one stage 10% of Zendesk web traffic was attributed to the social and content marketing program. 

After a year as the APAC Business development Manager; I created the Social Media Managers role and joined the Marketing team enjoying several trips to San Francisco and learning a lot about the workings of a fast paced tech startup. 

I took a break for a year to work on my growing New Zealand social media marketing client base before coming back to Zendesk helping with local business development. 

During that time I led a team to India for three weeks, running customer workshops in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. Another career highlight!



Wellington Young Professionals Group with New Zealand Institute of Management.

While working at Student Job Search I partnered with the then New Zealand institute of Management to launch the Wellington Young Professionals Group. 

Aimed at connecting local young aspiring leaders we hosted a series of events attendee by 100-200 people to hear talks from established leaders and industry professionals. 

This was my first initiative to run professional networking events backed by corporate partners.



Founder of the NRG Charitable Trust, one of New Zealand's first Business Incubators.

I graduated Massey University in Wellington with a Bachelor of Business Information with majors in Marketing and Communications Management.

I hunted around town for Tuesday night pizza and beers events with likeminded entrepreneurial people. But couldn't find any communities. So I created one.

I attended every after 5 networking events I could find until I met the people that would become board members of the NRG Charitable Trust a business incubator located on the top floor of the Wellington Railway Station. After securing $200,000 in funding we developed services and support programs for 17 residents and dozens of external businesses.