Silence the noise for a better social media experience

There's a bunch of posts that annoy me. The ones that clutter the timelines on Facebook or Twitter I want to block out, to focus on the quality content that's useful and interesting.

Yesterday I found, a simple Google Chrome browser app that allows you to filter out posts taking up valuable real estate, clogging your timelines.

So far I'm muting posts that contain,, and

I'm sure I'll add to this list.

What hashtags, domains or other keywords do you block, hide, mute from your timelines to improve your experience?

4 things we did to rev up the company culture

I invest a lot of my time on company culture. Inspired by what I learnt at Zendesk I know just how important company culture is to the overall company performance.

Our recent Company Day was an opportunity to bring people together for presentations, workshops and team building. I'm hoping the day is a catalyst for change, that the time spent together translates into meaningful improvements for us and our customers.

During the day we ran four key activities. People didn't just participate, they got stuck in, wholeheartedly. It was energising, motivating, thrilling.

4 Team Building Activities we ran at the company day:

Thank You Notes

It's very easy to forget to thank people we work with or show our appreciation. So first up on the Company Day we put blank pieces of paper and pen on each chair and envelopes with first names spread out on a table at the back of the room.

We asked staff to ripe the paper up into small pieces and write a message of thinks for anyone in the company. They could keep it anonymous or sign off with their name if they wanted to.

At morning tea, everyone swarmed around the envelopes to fill with their words of appreciation. At the end of the day everyone pics up their envelopes, leaving the day feeling warm and fuzzy.


Everyone stands up and walks around the room until they're standing next to someone they don't work with or know that well.

They have 1 minute to ask each other as many questions as possible to find one thing they have in common. 

Once they find that common event, friend, place they've visited etc they High-Five and shout 'SNAP'

Stop. Start. Continue

In functional work groups people discuss what they should stop, start or continue to improve workflow, reach KPI's and deliver a better customer experience. 

Each group writes their top 3 suggestions under each header of Stop, Start, Continue. The team then votes on the top 1 from each and report that back to the wider group. 

The top suggestions from each group are written on the board and voted on to reach a single point for each header.


For this activity the group pair up and have three minutes to find out about each other. They have to sell the other persons credentials, skills, benefits back to the whole group in an infomercial style advert.

I learnt more about people doing this exercise than any other. It was hilarious.


Have you run any other team activities that received a high participation rate, that people really got involved with? Share them in the comments below. If I get a chance to try them out with our teams I'll be sure to report back. Thanks

Start your 2015 work diary today

A Work Diary? Yep, you need it. Once you start one you'll realise you should have been doing this forever.

Whether you use your calendar to record what you've done that day, how you felt about a situation or what changes you made to the CRM emails or write it in your book you'll find the process invaluable.

I use Workflowy to keep my notes updated. It's useful to be able to update your notes on the run from your mobile. 

Admittedly I haven't kept a work diary since 2008 when I was managing a team of ten. A diary is essential when you're managing staff.

My diary records little changes, how meetings went, projects started and new ideas that need working on. I make notes of insights from reports, CRM, or other analytics tools we use so I can easily look back to discover patterns and trends.

I don't make notes every single day. But I do have a calendar entry to remind me.


Uranium Glass collections are trending on #Reddit

Last night I spotted this post  on Reddit of a set of glassware from 1911 that is made with uranium. When exposed to UV light, it glows green.

Pretty cool.

Well it appears Uranium Glassware is rather popular with Grandparents and families of people posting to Reddit...

Today I checked back and there's this collection.

Next Reddit was raised an entire professional collection

How about a uranium chandelier.?

And finally [for the moment] this persons private collection

When this guys Mum heard Uranium Glassware was a 'thing' on Reddit she asked him to post her collection they use on Halloween.

Look back further and you'll find a Uranium Glass Keyboard posted two years ago.

I didn't know Uranium Glassware even existed. 

Thanks Reddit


Top tip for Chrome users: Open every tab with Momentum.

My favourite Google Chrome Extension of late is Momentum.

Every browser tab I open launches with a beautiful photo, the time and your focus for the day.

The task list in the bottom right corner provides a frequent reminder of what's on your plate.

It's relaxing, acting as a refreshing interlude between tabs.

Click here to Grab it for yourself