Justin Flitter

Justin Flitter is a Marketer for Technology and Professional Services businesses. 

He's the Founder of NEWZEALAND.AI, Host of The #AIshow#AIHappyHour & Producer of AI-DAY Events.

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I'm Working On


AI New Zealand was started to create a platform to inform, support and showcase Kiwi Businesses utilising Artificial Intelligence. 

As this new wave of technology impacts many aspects of the way we live and work; business leaders need easy access to practical information to help them learn about AI, how to identify business opportunities to apply AI, and how to build capability. 

Through #AIHappyHour, AI-DAY.com events, The AI Show, Practical Workshops and digital media we aim to help New Zealand businesses apply practical AI.

CMO - Strategic Marketer

I work with growing companies at the intersection of marketing technology and methodology.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) aligns technology and methodology to utilise the vast datasets sitting within your organisation to create better experiences that attract and retains customers more efficiently.

By aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals I ensure your lead generation methodology and communication programs are consistent, measurable and effective. 

With a deep understanding of your customer experience I'll map out the critical interactions, reviewing each step, assessing effectiveness, performance and scalability. 

I'm strategic, tactical and technical. I bring a wealth of modern best practice to orchestrate people, methodology and technology into a high performing program.


For almost 20 years I've worked with startups, professional organisations and household brands building communities that attract, engage and retain customers. 

I'm a strategic, tactical and technical marketer with experience developing and delivering marketing strategies across traditional and digital media channels. 

Not just a creative thinker, a do'er. As a marketer I often find myself at the centre of a business, project or organisation, orchestrating dynamic people, programs, campaigns or events.



Founder & Director
AI New Zealand
July 2017 to present

Marketer / CMO
Tech and Professional Services Businesses
December 2008 to present

April 2016 to June 2017

Head of Marketing
October 2015 to April 2016

Head of Marketing
June 2014 to August 2015

Business Development + Social Media
November 2008 to March 2011



Bachelor of Business Information
Massey University
1997 - 1999

- Marketing
- Communications Management


Volunteer Experience

2012 to 2018

Social Media Club Auckland
2009 to 2013

Lightning Lab   
2014 to 2015



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