Customer Interaction Maps

Customer Interaction, Experience or Journey Maps are incredibly important. Delivering an amazing customer experience is a critical competitive advantage. Understanding your customer journey and the interactions they have is the first step.

At University I studied the Critical Incident Technique which effectively details every possible interaction a customer could possibly have with an organisation and then systematically reviews each one to streamline and improve. The process I take companies through isn't quite so detailed but still one of the most incredible programs you can take a marketing and communications team through.

example map

From Intent to Referrals

Working across your different business teams I'll help you map out your customer interactions from the moment of Intent to Recommending your product or service to friends.

Whether those interactions are physical, on Google, Social Media, Websites or Emails, automated or organic you'll be able to visualise what to start, stop or continue to create the optimal experience. 

Opportunities and Weaknesses

When leadership teams can visualise the journey it's much easier to see when interactions stop, where you could add more value and where the messages are inconsistent or outdated. 

Bring your customers into the boardroom

My process does not just look internally at the interactions you think people have with your business. As a Mystery Shopper I experience first hand what it's like from your customers perspective. I interview new customers, churned customers and people to actively considered your product or service but ultimately did not purchase.

We bring these moments of truth to your boardroom, helping you make intelligent decisions. 

How much time does this take?

Customer Interactions maps can be as complex or high level as you require. Typically the process for a SaaS business can take between 3-5 weeks from start to finish. More complex businesses with multiple locations and physical interactions can take 2-3 months to complete.

The first phase develops a high level overview, then we dig deeper, pealing back the layers of interactions until we're satisfied we have a valuable picture to review, optimise and iterate. 


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