Your Number 1 #Socialmedia goal is...

To help your customers become smarter about your products or service than your competitors customers are about them!

Why? Because Social Media is about communities. Your community on Twitter, on Facebook or Linkedin or another app and offline, thats where people are talking about you amongst themselves. We know the power of word of mouth right? So if that word of mouth is more convincing and knowledgeable towards you and about you're brand that will translate into increased levels of trust and purchase motivation.

Other reasons to have smarter customers are:

  • The community will become more and more self serving
  • You will increase customer to customer dialog
  • You'll have more knowledgeable people looking out for you 
  • Your social capital increases with the sharing of information and advice
  • When someone new asks a question more people will be able to reply constructively and convincingly about you.
  • People will trust your brand more because you share
  • It will expand peoples perspectives and encourage new and interesting applications to be discovered
  • There will be more positive BUZZ within your community
  • Everyone else will see how smart your customers are and also want to know what they know

Smart customers know:

  • How your ordering and delivery process works
  • How to contact you for support
  • Who your key staff members are and what they do
  • Where you blog and distribute content, to help make them even smarter
  • How to troubleshoot common issues
  • How to customize your product or service
  • How to get the most from you
  • Where to find your 'hidden' discount codes
  • Your company history
  • Who your key customers are
  • When your next public and webinar events are and how to book
  • The differences between your product or service and your competitors
  • What your weaknesses are and tricks to get round them

So what do you do to help increase your customers knowledge?