Your Brand's Aura

Your Social Media Community is valuable. Its not just a broadcast medium to tell the world what you're up to, its a mechanism for social engagement. It's a tool to build an aura around your business

For brands and businesses yearning for lower new customer acquisition costs and more repeat business an active social community is a powerful way to extend your brand's aura beyond your shop door, local community or radio stations frequency.

With insightful, interesting content  like top 10 tips, advice, blogs, whitepapers and videos you can teach and encourage your customers to think and use your product or service in a new or different way.

Post purchase engagement is the essence of maintaining a rewarding relationship with your customers. If the relationship ends when the till goes ka'ching, ka'ching your almost resigning yourself to the fact they may never shop with you again. And yet that person has chosen to spend money with you and buy your product or service because they feel it will benefit their life it some way.A regular email or newsletter is soft, generic and just broadcasting to thin air. True social engagement is personable, interesting and fun. It captivates, builds trust and confidence and gets more people thinking and talking about you. Who would not want that sort of emotion floating around your brand like an aura of protection. Your social sentiment scores would go through the roof!

Let your customers have more of you, your business and your product or service. Get more from your customers by communicating with them regularly. Go get em! Stick your neck out, be proactive, entertaining, let your personality shine through,  ignite excitement and passion in your customers, allow them to become apart of your brand.

What's your brands Aura like? How bright is it? How many people can see it, feel it, experience it?