Twitter Tips: Working the room


Here's a quick tip for today. This practice will help increase your Klout Score and open up your network, creating new relationships and more followers.

Even if you're following a few hundred people there are bound to be a few you haven't tweeted before, if at all. You're listening, perhaps sharing their content but the connection is not stronger than that.

Every day! Yes Every day I want you to scroll through the people your following and those following you and pick 5 to 10 people you haven't tweeted with for a while or ever at all.

Go to each persons Twitter page, read their Bio and click through to their website or blog.

Read their latest blog post or check out the recent pictures they have shared etc. You could even track back through their tweets from the last few days and pick up a topic or conversation thread that you could comment on or add too.

If possible share their latest blog post by tweeting it out with a comment to your network. Perhaps you even leave a comment on the blog post.

Discover your common points of interest and keep a look out for other interesting content you could share and discuss with them over the next few days.

So that's at least 5-10 direct conversations had a 5-10 re-connections made. All of a sudden your Twitter network is expanding, becoming more active, more interesting and more dynamic.

The next step is to listen out for conversations that those people are having with others, especially with people that aren't following you yet and join in. You might just make some new friends.