Winning Search Engine Oscars with Social Media

Kunal Kripalani knows SEO and recently consulted for the largest consumer bank in Singapore on Social Media. I asked Kunal if he would share some advice on SEO for Social Media.

Appearing on the first page of Google for your chosen search terms is perhaps the online equivalent of an Oscar win. Pete Cashmore, Mashable.

With 95% of clicks coming from page 1
and most of those clicks going to the Top 3 spots, the research says that if you don't rank on the first page, then you may as well not be there at all. If you're unfamiliar with search engine optimisation, you might like to have a read of SEO is Relevance, Uniqueness and Freshness first.

Social Media is an essential component of your SEO plan because of:

1. Real Time Search: The latest press releases, blogs, tweets, YouTube videos,images and fan page updates are almost instantly indexed by the major search engines. Because it's real time search, the benefits quickly fade so it's important to do two things:

  1. Quite simply, make regular updates that are relevant, unique and timely - discussing current and future events. Demonstrate thought leadership.
  2. Repurpose your real time content into topic related pages on your website. This is your unique content and makes for valuable SEO mortar. It also means your content is not lost in social media archives.

2. Content Accesibility: Repurposing your content and making it accessble through Scribd,Youtube,Slideshare,Vimeo,Twitter and Facebook increases the odds that your content will be seen and spread.

3. The Google Honeymoon Period: When a new site launches, it ranks highly for the first few weeks and then SERP rankings can drop dramatically if Google thinks that it doesn't meet peoples needs for what it appears to offer. So measure your bounce rates. SM can help keep your content sticky & fresh by facilitating the crowdsourcing process.
4. The popularity of Social Bookmarks including Facebook "Likes" Facebook Like is similar to social bookmarks like Digg,Stumbleupon and Delicious, but offers greater viral spread through your friend network. Indications are strong that more and more websites will continue to integrate with Facebook, making its Open Graph a valid measure of content relevance on the internet. The Levi's Store is a good example.

Finally, Benchmark where you rank for your Top 100 keywords before you start so you can measure the results of your efforts.

Not sure where to start?  Scrutinize your competitors that rank higher than you for ideas.


Thanks to Kunal Kripalani for todays guest post. He is @kunalkripalani on twitter and blogs at