Windows 7 - Fast, Light, Fun


So I've loved and used Windows XP for years. Mac's are far to right brain for me and rather unintuitive but that's a whole another debate. I chose to skip Windows Vista and now we have Windows 7, a supposedly slick new Operating System combining the best of XP and Vista.

Before I purchased Windows 7 I downloaded The Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser and tested my system for compatibility. I have 4gb Ram and 2.00mhz processor which is double the minimum requirements for the 64 bit version. Of course Windows XP does not utilize 4gm of Ram so I'm sure some of the performance gains are related to this. I chose to buy Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

I chose to do a complete reinstall, overwriting all the old XP files. So I copied all the My Docs folder and my Settings, cookies etc to the Terabyte HD as well as my Media files etc, everything I really needed to keep. Now for me this is simple since most of my programs are easily downloaded and reinstalled. I live in the cloud, by the way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DON'T do a Backup from XP or Vista of your old files. This creates a .BKF file that Windows 7 Can't read. Just copy and paste the files you need to your external hard drive. Of course I had to learn this the hard way! I had to download a .bkf unpacker program to extract all the files wasting the best part of a day!

The installation process took about an hour, and after 5 or 6 automatic re starts you'll see the screen "Loading Windows for the First Time!"

So the noticeable changes for me so far are:

  • It's Fast! - Multi-tasking feels strangely easy.
  • It's Smart! - plugging in different headphones brings up options to instantly help you manage what you want each one to do.
  • Desktop widgets are cool, but how often do you actually look at your desktop?
  • The bottom right corner has a rectangle that makes it simple to view the desktop or minimise your apps
  • There are some fundamental navigational changes, probably similar to Vista, but not difficult to learn
  • The Media Centre is cool, but I've not really got my head round that yet.
  • The task bar menu looks decidedly like a Mac but it does make navigation simpler
  • The security prompts are not invasive once you have things set up

So for a System upgrade it went rather smoothly, was simple to do - just plug in play - which is exactly what computing should be about.

Windows 7 feels light, fast, smart, confident and intuitive, and for $200NZ not a bad price either