Why? becomes your measure of success.

As with any marketing or business strategy it's important to have some direction. An objective your strategy is working to achieve.

And it's the same for your social media strategy. The first thing I ask people that want to start a twitter account for their business is WHY?

It's not good enough to say "because everyone else is" or "because that seems to be the thing to do these days". It's not about everyone else, it's about your business. Why do you want to socialise your business? What do you aim to achieve by becoming more social?

Some reasons might be

  • to become 'top of mind' for people living in our area when thinking about...
  • to increase sales
  • to create more buzz around our shop, more excitement
  • to build a community that can help you discover new business opportunities
  • to teach people, to educate them in how to use our products in new and interesting ways...
  • we want to reach out to people wider than our local community
  • we want to develop some international relations

Once you have answered the WHY question that then becomes your unit of measurement as well. Your ROI is evaluated by how well you have achieved your objective.

Understanding the WHY question also gives your staff direction and focus for content creation, message style and flavor and a guide to the nature of the conversations you want to encourage or participate in. It's easy to be all things to all people but often that strategy fails to achieve a measurable outcome thats consistent with your mission.

Why is your business becoming more social? Lets discuss...