What's holding you back?

What's the one thing thats holding you or your business back from increased productivity, efficiency gains and and increase in revenue?

Well actually it's two things I think..


As soon as the shops start playing Christmas Carols everyone (except retail and hospitality) mentally turns off and starts winding down for the year. Actually this disease lasts almost two months as Kiwis and Australians go into a Summer hibernation. We are "working" or rather we are in the office but bugger all is actually happening. 

Managers are the key culprits but this change takes leadership. I reckon we are wasting away weeks and weeks a year talking, talking, talking with very little focus or objective or output. 

If we are ever to attempt to compete with other leading nations we must work smarter and be far more constructive and productive with our time


I know from experience that the faster my internet connection is the more productive I am. The less time I'm waiting for pages to load and refresh the better. Faster broadband for all households, schools, businesses and organisations is a critical weak point in New Zealand's infrastructure. Its been identified, we all know this, the government promises to take action but in my mind this is urgent, drastic action and investment is required to resolve this. 10 years to upgrade is too long.

Increased bandwidth will allow more people access to rich media, faster, we'll be able to create more rich media content promoting our services and knowledge to more people. 

Do you agree with me? Whats holding your company back from real growth?

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