Unicef - UNDER COVER MOVEMENT - How will you help?

UNDER COVER is a groundswell initiative of UNICEF New Zealand, which supports UNICEF’s international target to distribute 25 million insecticide treated mosquito nets to malaria endemic countries by end of 2010. Nets are a proven and cost effective measure against malaria, reducing child mortality by 20% and illness by 50%. Nets protect children and their families from deadly malaria mosquitoes, so by 'going UNDER COVER' you literally become part of the solution which is helping to save lives.

By the end of 2010 UNDER COVER want to see every child in malaria endemic countries sleeping safely under the protection of an insecticide treated bed net. One net protects up to four people, so we hope to create enough groundswell to purchase 35 thousand nets (approx. 140 thousand children UNDER COVER). We've created a simple donation widget which can be installed on most websites and social network profiles that allow cut-paste html. You can get your own widget for your blog or website here 

To put the malaria endemic into context, the disease infects up to 350-500 million people each year and kills more than a million. Most are young children living in Africa.

100% of the funds raised go to buying nets

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