Using Twylah to boost your Twitter SEO

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Twylah is a free tool that aggregates your most popular tweets into one categorised website. Because Twylah creates individual pages for each of your categories it's a powerful way to get your tweets included in search engines like Google giving your brand a nice SEO boost.

The nice feature I especially like is custom domain mapping. Check my Twylah page out here

Twylah creates an optimized experience out of your tweets, which highlights the value you provide and attracts new and more targeted followers. All you need to do is get your own Twylah and share it with your followers and fans.

Now to set up you're own custom, domain mapped Twylah

  1. Request an invite at

Set up your subdomain

  1. Once you have your domain name registered, please follow the instructions here how to create a sub-domain for Twylah
  2. After you’ve successfully completed step #2, email to let them know you’ve created a sub-domain and specify your Twitter handle in the message
  3. I used for my subdomain
  4. The crew at Twylah got back to me within a few hours, confirming that the domain mapping process had been completed.
Make sure you add your new subdomain to your sitemap, link to it a few times from within your website and of course share you Twylah through your other social networks
Next check out their Personal Brand Pages that include custom advert space. Sign me up!