Twitter for Business #nzbiztips

If you're a business new to Twitter and building your twitter community one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to just reply to mentions.

Mentions are when people tweet something to @yournamehere or perhaps just mention your business name or brand in a tweet.

There are a few good reasons to do this:
  1. Shows you are listening
  2. It can create a conversation
  3. Acknowledges your appreciation for the mention
  4. Its just good Twitter form
A general rule of thumb is to always reply to positive or neutral tweets mentioning you, your business, or brand name. For negative posts, complaints etc, sometimes its best to take that off-line, send a Direct Message, or ask that person to email you their concern. 

NOT replying to a mention is like walking down the street, seeing someone wave and smile at you, glancing at them, but not acknowledging them at all. Its a cold shoulder.

Be social, smile back, wave, say "Thanks for the tweet", the community will love you for it!