Twitpic to new Jacket - A Social Shopping example


This week I bought a new suit. I was shopping by myself in Wellington at a store called YD so I decided to try a jacket on and get some feedback from friends on Twitter. The picture on the right is the twitpic I posted to Twitter asking people "Does this jacket suit me?

The response was fantastic with more than 50 tweets in 30 minutes.



So why don't more people do this? Is there an app for it? You should be able to share what you're considering buying, seek social feedback and make your decision. The store should get promoted and you should get points and rewards for shares and responses received. I'd put $100 bet down that people who share pics while instore trying on garments are more likely to make a purchase. If I was a retail store manager I'd be encouraging all my staff to include in their conversations with customers "Are you on Twitter?" or "Would you like to share a picture on Facebook and ask your friends what they think?" after all we trust peer recommendations. It's the ultimate in shopping engagement.

Do you have a social shopping story like this? I'd love to hear it