Top 10 list for Social Media Content


With property it's location, location, location but in Social media its all about your content. 

Content refers to the stories, information, knowledge, ideas, images and insights you share with your community to spark conversations, likes, shares, and other forms of engagement.

Content creates the buzz around your brand that people talk about and share.

Content that crosses the boundaries, that appeals to people beyond your fans and followers is gold. People talk about "going viral", and about creating a "viral" campaign. There is no way to predetermine or predict whether your content will become viral on the internet.

Viral means your content is liked by your fans friends and their friends and their friends and so on. It has to appeal to people who are not apart of your core community or followers thus crossing the boundaries. When something does go viral it extends your brands reach further and further into new communities, new demographics but it should not be your primary goal to make something "go viral"

Your goal should be to create and deliver content your immediate community will love and share. That gives you the chance for something to become popular and perhaps viral if you are lucky. 

Content helps people determine what your pages are about, what they will get out of it and how people engage with you. It helps people decide whether to follow you or not.

My Top10 list for content programs:

  1. Personal Conversations with people in your community - building relationships and trust
  2. Personal Narrative - What you or the company are doing, where you are, ideas people are discussing
  3. Top100 tips - a list of well written one line tips that can be shared when ever you like
  4. Staff interviews, "What are you working on right now"
  5. Partner or customer interviews - Celebrating success and sharing the love
  6. Crowdsourcing - getting your community to submit something that gets collated together
  7. Guest speakers, panel, guest blogger - thought leadership
  8. Daily or Weekly episodes or events - "Every Saturday at 10am is the Fishing tips show on Facebook"
  9. Hashtag discussions - owning a hashtag is a great way to own the conversation
  10. Videos or instructions to teach people more about your products/services

This are just 10 ideas, there are heaps more. So if you want to add to this list just leave a comment.