Tips, tricks and insights for better Promoted Posts

We've all read articles highlighting Facebook's logarithm changes. Text posts are getting more exposure than they used to perhaps in an effort to challenge Twitter. Page posts visibility is dropping as Facebook looks to increase revenue generated from paid reach programs like Promoted Page Posts.

What ever you think about Facebook or that they are charging you more and more to share content and engage your audience Promoted posts have been super effective for us.

So here's a few ideas, tips and tactics we've learnt over the last few months

  1. Promoted page posts ensure your content is well received on mobile devices
  2. The artwork/image should tell the guts of the story
  3. The post copy should ask a question or otherwise encourage people to comment on the post
  4. You cannot set location or geographic targeting for Promoted page posts unless you run it through Facebook's ad manager
  5. Regular promoted page posts will get international exposure so you may want to consider restricting your page visibility to Facebook users in your country so you're not spending money on irrelevant impressions.
  6. Even $5 promoted post can kick-start the engagement activity and really help to boost post visibility and reach new fans.
  7. Pages with low fan base [less than 2500 fans] will probably not have many options under the Promoted page post option. So you should run the ad through the Ad Manager and extend reach to a much wider target audience based on location, age etc

A couple of examples

A competition we ran recently on a page with less than 1000 fans only had Promoted page post options of $5, $10, and $15 to reach max 3,000 friends of fans. Boosting that through Facebook's ad manager the promoted page post has reached almost 30,000 people within the target area. The competition received over 300 entries and 300 new fans for the page within three days.

Interestingly this particular page is liked by females 70% mostly over 25 years of age. This could suggest this group is actively using Facebook during work hours from the desktops. That assumption is backed by the Like source graph below.

We all know that people love deals, offers, competitions. But we've still been surprised by the amount of engagement and activity blatant page post adverts are getting.

We spent just $100 on a special offer page post that reached over 80,000 people. It was liked over 1400 times, received dozens of comments and what's most important, people clicked through and took action.

Also interesting is that 50% of the new page likes over the last month have been from mobile devices. this page is evenly followed by men and women over 35 years of age.



When sharing videos [like from YouTube] on your Facebook page you will get a higher engagement and interaction rate if you download the video from YouTube and upload directly to Facebook rather than sharing the link. Plus it makes your timeline and your fans news-feeds look prettier. Lets compair post styles

or this

While sharing the YouTube link will mean your video views will increase on YouTube the user experience is just not as nice as it is when the video is uploaded directly to Facebook.

In fact sharing another page's post is less effective and engaging as taking their image, copy and links and making your own post that tags their page in the message.

These are some simple tips to help make your page posts more visually stimulating and attractive to your audience. Try them and I'm sure you'll see improved results