This social media stuff ain't that complicated


I think some people think too much about social media and how to use it, even personally.

Like learning to juggle, getting involved in social media requires you to 'just do' rather than think about it too much about the how or why.

The more you try to analyze, critique or dissect twitter or facebook it becomes so overwhelming some people turn off thinking its just too hard.

I explained to one Woman last night who is a communications consultant, that she must understand how to build a relationship offline. She agreed. I suggested that she take those same principles, values and practices and do the same online. If you dont want to share too much personal information, thats perfectly fine, just be involved in conversations about the topics you want to talk about. 

The rules are exactly the same online and offline. You wave to someone (Mentions) and they wave back and there you go, a conversation starts. All you have to do is ask people or search twitter for people interested in or talking about the same topics as you. Share your knowledge, and have some fun. How complicated is that?
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