Talking about Clouds in Sydney

Greetings from sunny Sydney. Current location Danks Street Depot cafe in Sydney Airport

Last night was the 2nd event for the Australasian 2010 series, mega road trip!

Last nights packed room at the National Innovation Centre was full of vendors, consultants, developers and other geeks discussing their way through the critical issues surrounding cloud computing.

Private vs Public, Architecture, Security, Databases, The future of the Cloud, Business models were just a few of the topics in the unconference sessions

One comment sung out load a clear to me from a consultant who said that he does not mention the 'cloud' to his clients, we get tied up in terminology and definitions when he just sells solutions.

What does it do? How does it work? What does it cost? Benefit vs cost vs alternative. Thats all thats important from the customers perspective

There is huge opportunity for businesses that mentor and consult companies through the process of migration to cloud based service, reducing the risk and providing support.

It was great to meet a few Zendesk customers too Xcentral and Field Connect app, it was great to hear their experience, ideas for new features, hearing the buzz and passion for the product from customers is hugely motivating.

Right so I had better rock over and check in. Then its off to Duty-free for some single malts 

By the way Sydney cafes need to pull finger and get wifi, its pathetic not being able to sit down for a coffee and not open the laptop and work. if you did have wifi people would stay longer and spend more money, think about that!