Talkers Vs Doers - Questions To Ask Your Social Media Consultant

On today there is a great post about some questions everyone should ask their social media consultant. Or anyone in fact touting themselves as a social media expert.

Rohit Bhargava - 5 Great Questions To Ask Your Social Media Consultant

  1. How long have you been working in social media and the Internet?
  2. Can you share an example of one small business you helped and how you did it?
  3. What is the biggest mistake you have seen small businesses make with social media?
  4. What do you think we should do first?
  5. How will I know whether your/our efforts are working?

Anyone working in the social media space should be able to fluently answer these questions and give you a solid understanding of the local market, demographics and name a handful of the influential people on Twitter in their city.

A strategic focus is a good sign, someone who's talking about Twitter and Facebook as the strategy should be fired. They are some of the tools available that you might use in your strategy. They should understand how to set strategic goals and objectives and create metrics to report on how well you have achieved those goals.

Other questions I'd be asking are;

  • What's onboarding and how does social media add value
  • How would you run a lead nurturing campaign?
  • How do you deal with negative posts?
  • What social media applications and tools do you use

What other questions would you ask a social media consultant? Do you ask for references?