TagHacking ~ The enemy of relevance


TagHacking - the act of tagging media content with popular yet unrelated keywords.

It's like interrupting a conversation with an irrelevant announcement. Social media awkwardness perhaps, or just attention seeking?

Either way it's bloody annoying. One of the most important factors of social networking is relevance. Is this content and context relevant to me or the topic?

Posting pictures of your shop on flickr tagged "OccupyWallStreet" is insulting to some and makes you look [insert expletive here].

Here's an example - check out the image above. I searched for "RWC2011 Fanzone". As one would expect you get rugby related pictures but oh what, thats snow! This cafe has tagged photos of the snow fall in July with both keywords.

Now some marketers, might think this is clever interruption tactics and it might be if Pepsi had tagged some campaign content 'Coke'. Tag spam will not do your brand or your reputation any good, people want quality, relevant content, not noise.

Well thanks for stopping by and reading my Tuesday rant. Do you agree or should I just take a chill pill.