Tackling road user issues with DriveSocial.co.nz

Drive Social is an initiative of the NZ Transport Agency.

Recently [in Auckland, New Zealand] I've noticed billboards and a TVC about DriveSocial. Naturally I had to check it out.

Using Facebook DriveSocial pulls in data about you and through a series of questions correlates data to display people you know who are on the road at the same time as you during your morning commute.

The two main messages I got from the story were;

  • You know people driving at the same time as you, perhaps you should car pool and;
  • Drive safe because your friends are on the road too

What a liked about this project is;

  • The way they've used social data correlation to tell a meaningful story

Where I think the site could have been better is;

  • The value proposition is weak from the marketing perspective so people don't know what it's all about unless they actually go through the whole process
  • The key messages could be stronger
  • The story takes far too long to develop so people are more likely to fall off half way through leaving many profiles incomplete
  • You can't click on the personal images to see their names or contact them to suggest you car pool together
  • It's not obvious what the point of the whole project is. Are they collecting data, researching or trying to educate the driving public in some way? Probably all of the above...
  • After you have completed the story there is no action, result, conversion, it just ends. Which begs the question; how is this being measured?

If, at the end there was some call to action, a form, a competition would make it easier to define results. Even a Facebook post asking those people you share the road with most frequently if you can get a lift with them tomorrow would add some measure of how successful the program is at creating social change. And ignite some social conversations.

Surely unique visitors or even completed profiles is not enough to measure success. If the later is correct why would you make the whole process so long and slow, quick and punchy could have had more impact.

So overall DriveSocial is interesting, just not all that compelling.

More information about the campaign is here

You can follow DriveSocial on Twitter @DriveSocialNZ

Have you been to DriveSocial.co.nz? What do you think?