Stop! Listen and think again, its about People!

Most people when thinking about social media focus on the platform, the tools and the content they want to share. If this is how your company is looking at social media STOP, LISTEN and THINK AGAIN

You're totally ignoring the fact its real people your talking to on the other side. It's not about YOU, its about them. 

As Brian Solis puts it this is "Social "Me"dia

Whether you represent a brand or yourself if you can demonstrate compassion and understand their challenges, issues, hurdles and decisions you can be the person they will pay attention to.

The only question you're solving for people is "why should I listen to you".

Social media is not marketing, not public relations and not customer service, its the whole company. It's not about Business to Business or Business to Consumer it's Peer 2 Peer marketing. This is a "Relationship Economy" where your social capital is the new currency.


Business to business relationships DON'T exist through social networks only Peer to Peer relationships.

Businesses should be on Twitter for the single fact that it allows your people to have relationships with people (from other companies) who use your products or service or who at some stage in the future might use your products and service.

Businesses don't make purchase decisions their people do.


In his presentation "Engage or Die" @briansolis says

It takes work to earn that trust within social networks. That's why a lot of people call this a "Trust Economy". Trust makes people do something -- emotion is the last mile to true engagement.


"We are what we tweet" ain't a bad way to look at this. We are after all measured by our actions, not our words. 


Let me leave you with this, and I hope you will leave your thoughts and comments too.


Offline you have never created a relationship with a random shout across the street to someone you don't know. So why do you auto DM?

Offline you have never nurtured a more fulfilling relationship with automated statements or sales pitches or just by repeating what someone has said, so don't expect that to be the case online on social sites.


The only question you're solving for people is "why should I listen to you".


I'll keep banging on about this - It's ALL about the conversations