State of Origin - Game 1 - Social Media #Stats

State of Origin

Last night Twitter erupted for Game 1 of the 2012 State of Origin.

Even before the game started it was trending in the UK, New Zealand and Australia

 It's not even kicked off yet and #stateoforigin is trending in the UK #rugbyleague

— Gareth Walker (@garethwalker13) May 23, 2012

I tracked #Origin1, #StateofOrigin, #SOO, #Origin and 'State of Origin' to make sure I captured as many of the conversations as possible. The NRL would be well advised to include the official hashtag (whatever that is) on TV screens, on their website, on Twitter and even on field graphics to encourage people to use the same tag. That would make it easier for people to monitor and track and for all the punters to share in the experience together.  Media partners and commentators are unlikely to be using more than one tag so with such a variety of tags in use; tweet reach, effectiveness and influence is limited.

We'll be recording every social media post published to Twitter and Facebook mentioning these key words for the 2012 State Of Origin Series and then preparing a social media report with year on year comparisons after game 3.

Brief stats from Game 1

Interactions recorded from 2pm to 1am

62,064 Interactions created by 28,929 people

Men - 26,675

Women - 15,399

Twitter - 57,296

Facebook - 4715

Posted from:

Twitter for iPhone - 22,293

The web - 14,618

Mobile web - 4,055

Twitter for Android - 3,937

Twitter for iPad - 2,220

Facebook for iPhone - 1,574

People with Geo-Enabled Tweets - 13,615

Mentions for each search term within the 62,064 mentions recorded

#SOO - 9,937

#Origin - 10,129

#Origin1 - 1,145

#Stateoforigin - 46,464

State of Origin - 18,251

NRL - 3710

Congratulations to Queensland for winning Game 1.