Who's got the biggest Klout? #nzpolitics

NZpolitics social media review

Towards the end of this year New Zealand will go to the polls and vote in the 2011 General Election. While campaigning is yet to start in earnest the parties are winding up, preparing themselves for battle. And while the battlefields are very much in traditional tactics, baby kissing and engaging in local communities there is a new community that will dramatically influence the results.

We saw with the USA Presidential Election how Obama and his team effectively used Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blogs to reach and engage with a wider audience. There was even a debate on Secondlife.

I'm not going to review every social network. (call me if you'd like that report though)  But I will review the Parties and their Leaders on Twitter. In no way are my personal political views represented in this post, it's purely factual based on the data I've sourced through various Social Media Monitoring and Analytics applications.

IF I have missed any significant accounts or other points you wish to note please send me an email or leave a comment at the end of the article - This review is definitely not conclusive, more of a snapshot

Which Party has the most Klout

The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

To calculate the collective klout score I added up all the klout scores for each party and divided by the number of MP's on Twitter

  • Greens Party - 40/100
  • ACT Party - 35/100
  • Labour Party - 32/100
  • National Party - 22/100
  • Maori Party - 5/100
  • United Future aka Peter Dunne - 41/100
  • Progressive Party aka Jim Anderton - 34/100

The @NZGreens have more @klout than @NZNationalParty and @NZLabour and the @ACTParty on Twitter - Tweet this

The Leaders Klout

It's interesting to note that you don't have to be engaging to have a lot of klout...

Quick Facts

  • National has the least amount of engagement or conversations
  • ACT Party MP Heather Roy is consistently active and engaging
  • The Greens Party has the most engaged audience, based on Reach and MP conversations
  • Labour's Clare Curran has a high level of engagement, many of her tweets are @replies
  • Labour's Trevor Mallard has his Facebook page as the profile link instead of the more commonly used Party Website profile.
  • The ACT Party has the greatest Male/Female split
  • Males follow Political Parties and candidates more than Females
  • Best spoof political Twitter account @BigGerryB

Number of politicians on Twitter per party

  • ACT Party - 4 out of 5 MP's are on Twitter 80%
  • The Greens Party - 9 out of 9 MP's are on Twitter 100%
  • The Labour Party - 25 out of 42 MP's 59%
  • Maori Party - 2 out of 4 MP's are on Twitter 50%
  • The National Party - 28 out of 58 MP's 48%
  • Progressive - 100%
  • United Future - 100%


The ACT Party

Significant Twitter accounts

  • @ACTParty - 496 Followers, tweets about once a day, very low activity so lacking data
  • @ACTonCampus - 233 Followers, 80% Male following, #doubledown is top keyword
  • @HeatherRoyMP - 453 Followers, active throughout the day,
  • @Rodneyhide - Only 16 Tweets, 451 Followers
  • @HilaryCalvertMP - 40 Tweets, 52 Followers

Gender Split:

  • Male - 76%
  • Female - 24%

Followers - 496 | Following - 24

The Act Party reach peaked on May 5th at 4836 people but has leveled out at 496 people over the last 2 weeks

This graph shows the increase in followers over the last 30 days

ACT Party Tag Cloud

@HeatherRoyMP Tweets and Retweets

Looks like Heather is quite active throughout the day which is good. There's a lot to be said for consistency when trying to grow your audience. This graph is in GMT time so flip the hours around.

The Greens Party

Significant Twitter accounts

  • @NZGreens - 3020 Followers.
  • @RusselNorman - 1376 Followers Active throughout the day. Average Reach of 2500 people over the last 2 weeks
  • @Metiria - 1505 Followers, About half as active as Russel Norman

Twitter lists of Greens Party MP's

Gender Split:

  • Male - 59%
  • Female - 41%

Followers - 3020 | Following - 262

The Green Party reach is 4,000 people over the last 2 weeks

This graph shows the increase in followers over the last 30 days

Greens Party Sentiment

On Twitter the sentiment around the Greens is pretty neutral and any negative posts are mostly self made

The Greens Tag Cloud

The National Party

Significant Twitter accounts

The National Party have not created any Twitter Lists

Gender Split:

  • Male - 57%
  • Female - 43%

Followers - 3020 | Following - 262

National Party average reach is 2000 people over the last 2 weeks

This graph shows the increase in followers over the last 30 days

Prime Minister John Key gets very few retweets but has a high mention to post ratio

The National Party tag cloud

The Labour Party

Significant Twitter accounts

The Labour Party have a Twitter list of their MP's on Twitter

Followers - 1109 | Following - 353

Average Reach over the last 2 weeks is 1500 people

For some reason the Gender split did not show for @NZLabour but for @Phil_goff the gender split is 61% Male and 39% Female

This graph shows the increase in followers over the last 30 days

The Labour Party Tag Cloud

MP Clare Curran is very active in the evenings. In this graph reverse the times as its GMT


  • Party Twitter accounts are mainly used for news and announcements
  • MP's who consistently engage achieve a greater reach as result or retweets and conversations
  • It's mostly Men who follow both political parties and politicians in New Zealand
  • Every Twitter profile I looked at today is increasing in followers
  • The Parties could all use Twitter lists more effectively
  • All Parties would do better by knowing and engaging with key influencers more frequently and of course by increasing the number of people actively engaged in their conversations.


  • This report was generated using Peoplebrowsr.com, Klout.com, Twitter.com and human interpretation
  • Please share and discuss this article. If you wish to reproduce this article or use the content in any way please notify me in advance
  • If you found this interesting. Please share your thoughts and analysis by leaving a comment below. Cheers.


Twitter Profiles for New Zealand Ministers of Parliament

The Greens




Maori Party

United Future

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