Standing out in City Council Elections with Social Media

Michael Goudie is standing for a seat on the Rodney District Council. With the Elections on October 9th not far away Michael is right into campaign mode. But unlike the boring, old school campaigns we see ruthlessly scattered everywhere, Michael has well and truly adopted Social Media as a campaign tactic. As you can see from his billboards and videos its not just all talk and hot air. As far as I have seen Michael is the only candidate up for election in any of the city's electorates really using Social Media. Certainly Michael is the only one to use Facebook and Twitter logos is such a prominent way on billboards and other collateral.

Who is Michael Goudie? I am the Youngest Ever Rodney District Councillor & hope to be the youngest on the new Auckland Council. Now that you have found me, I hope you get to know me, and support my campaign for the HBC - Albany - East Coast Bays Ward

This is Michaels first Campaign Video