Social Statistics of Fortune 500 CEOs

In May this year researched and evaluated Fortune 500 CEO's and their social media use.

Why should CEOs be interested in social media? According to a recent survey of employees by Brandfog: • 77% believe a social CEO will increase business purchases • 78% want to work for a social CEO • 81% believe social CEOs are better leaders • 82% believe social CEOs are more trustworthy • 93% believe social CEOs are better equipped for crisis management • 94% believe social CEOs will enhance the company’s brand


Findings from this research reveal that with the exception of LinkedIn, CEOs are participating in social channels significantly less than the general public, as well as smaller, more agile competitors.

Key points to highlight are:

  • 19 or 3.8% of F500 CEOs have registered for Twitter
  • 5 of those 19 CEOs have never tweeted
  • Only 9/19 are active on Twitter
  • Average followers for these CEO's was 33,250
  • Rupert Murdoch has the most followers
  • Report does not include Larry Ellison who joined Twitter in June


What about Facebook?

  • 38 CEOs from Fortune 500 companies are on Facebook, that's 7.6%
  • Only 2 CEO's have more than 500 friends

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for F500 CEO's

  • 25.9% or 129 F500 CEO's have a LinkedIn profile
  • 24.8% profiles were not correctly updated with current company or titles
  • Only 10% have more than 500 connections
  • 28% have 1 or 0 connections



  • 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs don't have a profile on any social network
  • 30% have at least one social profile
  • Rupert Murdoch has the highest Klout score of 74
  • Michael Dell has the second highest with 67
  • Warren Buffett comes in third with 62

View the full report here: F500-Social-CEO-Index


Is the CEO of your company on Twitter? If not do you think they should be?

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