Social Media and the Recruitment Industry


Today in the NZHERALD Kate Ross director of Kinetic Recruitment wrote about Social Media in the Recruitment industry I think Kate makes some good comments

Facebook is a complicated one. It can be key to tracking the younger candidate because it has become such a habit to that generation, as they are constantly "online", be it via a computer or the cellphone application.

Overall social media is a fantastic way to provide more options for the recruitment industry and employers to source talent, but like anything, if you invest in it you will be successful. If you are "non-committal" it will be a failure. Choice is yours on how you embrace it.

As with any business looking for the right way to integrate social media, it needs to be done properly or not at all. Half arsed is always going to be half arsed so if you're not really that in to it, it could reflect poorly on your brand.

The recruitment industry poses some unique challenges though. Some companies struggle with LinkedIn and make their staff delete the account when they exit the business, others find that LinkedIn stalkers poach contacts so privacy is a concern especially if several agencies are fighting to place people in the same position.

Facebook is useful, but you have to get the structure and content plan right. The recruitment agency often needs to look at a wider variety of activities to make Facebook useful and then it still depends on the target market. If you're focused on senior level positions Facebook probably is not going to add much value.

Traditionally your relationship with a recruitment agency is momentary. You find and apply for a job and you either do or don't get an interview and if you're good you get the job. Either way the relationship ends at the point, or takes a break. With social media recruitment agencies and consultants have the opportunity to create more enduring relationships, making it easier to spot when someone is moving or ready for a new challenge.

When you place someone in a job they might become the employer, so maintaining a strong connection with your candidates could mean repeat business.

Social Networks offer all businesses a unique way to find people, create a connection and foster a relationship. If I was a recruiter I'd be taking social very seriously

The following is the comment I left on the article, published here just in case it gets 'moderated'

With over 2 million Kiwis using Facebook, over 50k actively using Twitter and almost 400k on Linkedin Social Media offers huge potential to connect with Candidates and Recruiters. There is no ONE solution. These tools are at your disposal. If you chose to use them creatively that could give you the advantage.

Many job seekers are looking to rise above the crowd and stand out by being social, building personal networks that could be great for them and beneficial to an employer. It's not what you know, it's who you know...right? And networks help make things happen.

You need to know how to drive before you go racing.

So if you're unsure about Twitter or how to apply Facebook to your business, ask an expert and get some ideas.

You might say that not many Kiwi's use Twitter. But you should look at who is, what they do, and how connected they are on and offline and you'll quickly realise that being there could make a huge difference to your career, I'm a walking talking example.

Social media is all about the conversations, building an audience, meeting people, sharing content and helping each other. Isn't that what you do offline? It's easy to over complicate social media.


I'd love to hear your comments on this.

Please note: I have a relationship with offering Social Media workshops and advice to their clients.