Social Media for business - What's really going on?

This week Useful Social Media released a report called The State of Corporate Social Media 2011

You could download the whole thing or you can catch up on the best bits right on.

This report was generated from the reponses of over 100 corporated social media practitioners based largley in the USA and Europe

41% of businesses have ZERO staff working exclusively on Social Media


36% of companies have 2 to 3 staff who's responsibilities include Social Media


"Interestingly, a huge 86% of companies have two or more people working on social media (32% have 6 or more). This seems to put beyond doubt the importance of social media for large companies. We have moved beyond having one or two people ‘testing the water’ to a fundamental acceptance of the utility of social, expressed through the large scale assignation of human resource to the issue"

Over 30% of businesses have the CEO or Director working directly with Social Media


Over 40% of Social Media Practitioners are in the Marketing Team


The typical organisation of social media within business features:


  1. A group of 2-3 people working on social media daily. The majority of this group do so as part of a broader role.
  2. Social media practitioners will tend to sit either within the marketing department, or scattered across a variety of teams and departments throughout the company
  3. There tends not to be a specific ‘social media department’
  4. The most senior social media practitioner at a company will tend to be a manager, though there’s a 20% chance they will be a Vice-President or even CEO