Promoting page posts could do more harm than good

It's the first week back at work for 2013 and so far I've unliked 8 brand pages all posting same/same generic rubbish. Brands are relying on promoted page posts and sponsored stories [too much] to reach their audience on Facebook rather than focusing on stories that connect and convert.

Relevance [plus content] is king. You can post stock product pictures with the wittiest one-liner but if it fails to resonate with your audience [more often than not] They're going to unlike your brand page. If you pay for promoted page posts so people see that crap status update time and time again they're probably 10x more likely to unlike your brand page.

Pushing your messages to the top of people's newsfeed might seem like a great way to increase that [PTAU] 'People talking about us' stat but is it really doing your brand's reputation any favours? probably not...

I've used promoted page posts significantly since the feature was released. I've tried and tested different tactics, styles and ideas, after all that's my job. I'm a culprit as much as I am a critic.

After all the debate and discussion [on this topic] your budget remains just a small influence in how well your Facebook strategy works. Relevant content is worth every penny, paying for reach may actually be harming your brand [if your content sucks].

Your Facebook fans are getting smarter but many engagement strategies remain flat, stagnant and boring. What journey are you taking your fans on? Which phase of the customer life cycle are they on and how is your content and stories helping to move them along to convert and influence others?

It's time to start investing in ideas and creating + curating relevant content.