If you're not integrating you're missing out

This is my challenge for 2012, with each and every project we work on.

I'm sure it's the same with most digital marketers.

The word is Integration.

And it's about raising profile, awareness and generating traffic to your social profiles from traditional advertising.

Some people use QR codes on adverts, some simply add Twitter and Facebook logos. I think the best option is to add the Twitter, Facebook or YouTube URL's to everything you do.

Every billboard without social links is a failed opportunity to drive traffic and build awareness of their social profile. It's the same with TVC's, radio adverts, business cards, retail stores, branded apparel, posters, menus etc etc.

I've heard the argument that directing people to your website is more important. Since that's had the most investment, has better branding and the most content. That's all well and good but when someone likes you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter they are more likely to see and engage in your content time and time again.

Your messages will appear on their Facebook wall, in their Twitter feed. It's well documented that search and social media drives significant traffic to your website, blog, deals and other digital content or landing pages. Capturing someone through engaging social sites is more likely to increase your website traffic long-term than website to social networks.

All roads lead to your website so developing multi channel touch points on and offline ensures more people are getting exposed to your brand more often.

If you're not telling people you're there and giving them a reason to visit, connect and follow or like what's the point? If you're going to invest time and energy in Social Media this year please make sure your marketers and designers are on the same page.

Right, that's my 2 cents worth today. See you Aucklanders at Media mingle tonight. Have a great day.