Social businesses sprouting up for good health

Social businesses are popping up all over the place. Some are rather large like Groupon or Grabone in New Zealand

Apart from daily deal sites many other types of businesses are emerging using social networks and models.

Giapo - the delightful Gelato store on Auckland's Queen st collects fresh fruit and other ingredients from local growers and overgrown backyards in exchange for.... you guessed it lots of yummy Gelato.

Then there is a business like Ooooby which sources local fresh produce from growers and gardens, collects and sells to people at Farmers Markets and home deliveries.

"Basically, it’s business with a purpose or “social objective”. We do make money, but our profits go back into fulfilling our objective."

Ooooby is a Zero Profit business aimed at building communities around the source and distribution of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Ooooby is on Twitter and run by three guys, Pete Russell, James Samuel and Will Lau. They have a community with over 3000 members. The Ooooby Farmers Market stall is at La Cigale, Parnell on Sundays so go check them out.


I think gardening if not already, is becoming trendy again. I come from a long history of gardeners. Granddad had a mushroom and strawberry farm in Levin and my Great Uncle was a pioneer in the Kiwifruit industry. My Grandparents were lifetime members of the Soil and Health Assn and passionate about organics.


Social businesses is profitable crowdsourcing. You start a movement, you provide the vision, you make it easy and worth while for people to participate, it's a win-win business. It's an unselfish business model, sustainable and rewarding. In social businesses customers are suppliers too and it's in everyones interest to help promote and grow the community.

Social businesses are positive, constructive and encourage more people to be involved with your brand than normal. So how could you use these social business principles to grow your business? Sure you can build a community of fans and customers on Facebook and Twitter but can you ignite that community to become suppliers, your marketing team and on-call staff as well?

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