Are you building a Social Brand or Social Business?


Today many businesses are developing strategies for the social web. Building brand pages on social networks and fostering online communities connecting and engaging customers and fans is great but is this approach future proofing your business?

A social brand is just that, a business that is remodeling or retrofitting its existing marketing practices to new media. A social business is something altogether different as it embraces introspection and extrospection to reevaluate internal and external processes, systems, and opportunities to transform into a living, breathing entity that adapts to market conditions and opportunities.


Social Media isn't owned by Marketing, PR, IT, Comms or any other department. It's owned by the whole organisation.

While there’s value in earning views, driving traffic, and building connections through the 3F’s (friends, fans and followers), success isn’t just defined simply by what really amounts to low-hanging fruit.

The truth is that businesses cannot measure what it is they don’t know to value. As a result, innovation in new engagement initiatives is stifled because we’re applying dated or inflexible frameworks to new paradigms. Social media isn’t owned by marketing, but instead the entire organization. This changes everything and makes your role so much more important. It’s up to you to learn how to think outside of the proverbial social media box to see what others don’t, the ability to improve customers experiences through the evolution of a social brand into a social business


Social media is bigger than any one department but as the sum of all the parts it can enrich customers lives and future proof your business

Brian Solis is a futurist and thought leader. I met Brian at a conference in Sydney 2 years ago and since have been an avid consumer of his insights.  In the next few days we'll be relaunching our website with a focus on our flagship service "100 Days of Flitter" which is aimed at helping companies become a social business.

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