Smiles are good, Grumpy is Banned

Just a thought that slapped me in the face yesterday about Customer Service, while at the Longroom Bar. Its pretty much common sense but still worthy of thinking about.

It goes without saying that if you are happy on the inside you will be happy on the outside. And the same applies to delivering customers service. Happy staff will give customers a better experience.

If you are enjoying your work, your customers will also enjoy your work. 

If you don't care about what you do, don't do it!, don't subject your customers to anything other than "I'm awesome, this place rocks and we're here to enjoy ourselves"!

So if you turn up to work all cranky and grumpy one day and your boss sends you home, that's a good business decision. Take a mental health day and come back smiling the next :)

What do you do to help your staff maintain a positive outlook? How do you encourage your people to leave their personal issues at home and come to work professional, positive and ready to GO!?