Together or separated? The Facebook Page dilemma


When you have multiple brands or products to promote on Facebook the first question is usually;

Do we have one company page for them all or a page per brand?

On one hand a single Facebook page would make it easier to manage and all the conversations and content would be held in one place. But on the other people who are only interested in one of your brands or products might not want to see posts from your other brands that aren't relevant to them.

There are two great examples of this

TV3 - Instead of having one TV3 page where all the discussions are happening about the news and Campbell Live and every other big program they have, each show has its own page. This helps each show build a unique following and a community that's most relevant for that program/content. TV3 get to segment the analytics as well, helping them to further understand the pulse of their audience from one episode to the next. The fans are more likely to be engaged in that program page rather than a page posting content from every show.

One page for all shows would simply contain too many posts each day and bombard fans to the point of evacuation.

The same goes for Grab One. In order to build relevancy each vertical is silo'd in it's own Facebook page. It makes it much easier for followers and fans to see and participate in content that's most relevant to them.

But having multiple pages doers make it harder for your Social Media managers to run. Each page will have it's own personality, different content schedules and fluctuations in activity. has one Facebook brand page but on Twitter they have accounts for different streams of content. It's important to think about the unique user experience for Facebook VS Twitter and what the purpose/use of each page is going to be for your company.

This topic has always been a lively debate but I think most people are agreed that building relevant communities nurtures a more engaging user experience that's better for both sides of the fence.

What are your thoughts on this?