Seismic Sentiment Analysis

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This week the NZ Herald Newspaper published this article which gets people like me all excited. A seismometer is buried 25 meters under Auckland's Eden Park, the venue for the Rugby World Cup Final. As the crowd of 60,000 cheered, chanted and jumped up and down the earth moved allowing scientists to record this event as they would an earthquake.

This is physical sentiment analysis. As the crowd became louder or more active as they celebrated a try or chanted with nervous tension the seismometer picked up this activity. Just the same as we track sentiment on Twitter.

Thanks to Auckland company Sentirate here is the sentiment analysis report from the New Zealand vs France RWC 2011 Final. This encapsulates emotion from around the world, reactions reverberating on Twitter that tell the story of what was a monumental game of strength and stamina for the players and their fans.