San Francisco Trip to Sonoma Wine Country

Photos from our day trip to Sonoma wine country and the Golden gate Bridge

in Sonoma Village I went to Charles Creek and tried five wines. 

Vineyards we went to were


Buena Vista Carneros

Valley of the moon

Kunde Estate

Kenwood Vineyards

Wines here are high in alcohol content up to and over 14%

Tasting is occasionally free but mostly $10 per person for about five wines. But get the conversation flowing and all sorts of treasures come out for you to try. Valley of the Moon has the most touristy tasting room that was more of a gift store but we had a 20% off voucher and one Syrah is to die for, but the staff were hopeless if you asked them any wine related questions 


Kunda Estate was by far the best of the ones we went to, best wine, best staff, best prices and best tasting room and courtyard, Just a lovely space

And these are the three wines that I bought.



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