San Francisco - Saturday Update

Ok, massive, San Fran is freaking awesome!

So I get off the plane, going through customs was a breeze, was expecting a USA grilling and security nightmare but it was fast and hassle free.

Going through the terminal a guy says "need a cab mate". So I asked what sort of car he had. He said a Lincon so I was sold. Probably way to expensive in the end but hay I got delivered to the Hotel in Style!

Club Quarters Hotel is great, computers and free wifi makes me their new best friend and their is an English Pub next door!

So Airport, Hotel, shower and off to the Zendesk office I went.  Had a meeting with Mikkel, Michael, Amanda and Rebecca about some secret squirrel stuff and helped get the office set up for the Ruby Conference Start-up crawl (like a pub crawl but company offices in stead). We have Eventbright and Yammer as neighbours so it was a pretty cool party.

Today @jakeisonline and I meet for breakfast at Mel's Drive In, which is all start America, home style cooking, open 24 hours and rammed. Started to feel much better after a few coffees and a feed.

The we caught the #5 bus out to Golden Gate Park, went up the tower for a first class view of San Fran and spent a few hours in the Science Museum.

The Science Museum is a brand spanking new facility thats totally awesome! A huge aquarium, rainforrest dome and a Living Roof.

Check out all my pictures from the day on Flickr

Sensational! Stay tuned for more!

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