Rebuild a Bar - Rebuild a Community

Here are a selection of photos from Hamish Coleman-Ross who is over in Samoa helping with the recovery effort.

There are many reasons why this Bar is important to have rebuilt. 
It will be the first business operational after the disaster on the South Coast
It will help a Family earn an income to help themselves and their neighbours rebuild their lives
If will provide some sanctuary and a place for people to gather, to unite, to gather strength from one another for the days ahead.

We have already secured glassware, jugs and other small Bar related items. 

We need:
A bar fridge - reasonable condition - actually this might be difficult due to transportation...
$1000 to $1500 to cover construction material

The local School is ready to start building as soon as we can make this happen. 
Its not much to ask but boy will it make a huge difference

The Bar as it was from afar...


the view from the bar pre Tsunami


the front door to the bar
customers inside the bar


the bar with Tina Legalo


Legalo family at the rear of the bar


The sunset from the beach by the Bar


NOW...we cant rebuild on the beach, and god knows if or when we might
ever be able to do that, so across the road from the beach, a mere ten
meters will be the temporary site for the bar. The bar will have a
temporary roof put over it on the foundation you can see in the far
right. There is water already here as well as electricity to be
installed by the government when there ready.


where the bar entrance used to be


the view from the beach today


The Legalo family live here now, half the family is up the hill the
other have been here to protect what they have been able to salvage
from the rubbel


Va'a Legalo pointing to me where the resort used to be, you can see
the foundation near the road in the distance


The Legalo Boys at the rear of the rubble. You can see the green seats
to the right which were the Bar booth seats have been recovered for
the most part as well as table tops. So what we will build is a basic
bar with facilities to serve drinks they have the seating already, we
will also secure a roof over it. Some of them will sleep in the bar at
night but this will far more substantial than anything they have at


Please call me on 0272655288 or email or tweet me @justinflitter if you can help in anyway.

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