Question: #Socialmedia Strategy vs Management

Just something I have been pondering the last week or so.

Would a company get better or worse results if the Community Manager is also the Social Media Strategic Planner?

IE. If the person creating the social media strategic plan and policies is also the key person implementing those strategies do you think the result would be better or worse?

Often I think these roles are one in the same but for larger companies you might have a communications manager developing the strategy and a community manager implementing and engaging.

Unless both people were very much on the same page one could assume that problems could occur if the community manager implementing the strategy did not fully understand the implications of consistency, style, brand personality, analytics or simply lacked historical organisational knowledge to deal with sticky questions...

I guess these are just the same issues with any role, irrelevant of the social media title

Personally I think social media is best handled by someone with experience, in strategy, communications and support. Especially as Twitter can be the most visible of front lines


What do you think?


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