Do you agree share links could be a whole lot more engaging?


The problem with share link is that they're just not all that social.

Share links are like Foursquare check-ins. They indicate you're in the brand experience; on that website, blog or watching that TED talk right now!

The problem with most share links is that they automatically pull the post or article title and the URL into the tweet people auto post to twitter.

Generally people don't write the headline of their articles in a conversational manner but share links should be just that, conversational.

They should ask a question or in some way try to entice viewers to comment, discuss, share or otherwise engage. Post titles are just announcements, good but missing vital optimisation.

As a company creating and publishing content surely your goal is to educate, inspire and be a catalyst for conversations. Well here is one little tweak that you can make to help your content get more action.

Here's another couple of ideas...for free

If you're publishing a longish article, with perhaps adverts interrupting the user experience half way down. Pull out a quote from the article and make a custom share/tweet this link for people to tweet the quote. When people tweet that you'll have a good indication that they actually read that far through the article and it gives you a conversation started to begin with them.

Do the same in white papers, reports, presentations or other online documents. You get a progress report metric and opportunity to keep people engaged with your content post consumption.

Right go get busy.