What can you Pluk from your TV?

Pluk Screenshot

Pluk is a new smart phone app that extends deals, offers or content from TV adverts to your phone. It's only available in New Zealand at this stage.

I think this a very interesting use of technology, hence this post about it. Advertisers are always looking for smart ways to keep people participating with and engaged in their content after they've seen the ad. So while someone else's ad is playing the user is busy looking at their second screen entering a competition or watch a video perhaps.

Pluk listens for audio codes in TV Adverts that directs the user to competition sites, deals or other content. It's like QR codes for telly.

For the user, pluk™ is straightforward. They just open the app when they see a TV ad carrying a pluk™ logo, and hit the pluk™ button. Once the app identifies the ad, it downloads the content associated with the ad.

Boyd says the content can be pretty much anything. “So if you’re advertising pizza, you might get a $5-off voucher. Airlines could deliver a unique promotional code so people can grab cheap seats. Or you might just want to deliver some longer video content around something like a movie preview or a new car.”

pluk™ Creative Director Vaughn Davis says the app is a great use of a phenomenon called the Second Screen. “With more and more of us using our smartphones and tablets to enhance our live TV viewing, an app that taps into that channel has a readymade audience.”


Currently there is a Pluk ad running where people can use the app and enter to win a car.

I'm excited to see how this goes. The potential is huge as this concept couple be applied to any brand, any campaign. But the ability to capture and engage an audience in this way must be an exciting proposition.

So have you got the Pluk app? Have you Pluk'd the TV ad and entered the competition? I'd love to hear your feedback...

For more information and to get the Pluk app head to http://pluk.co.nz