Opportunities await with better #Custserv

The RightNow Customer Experience Report - North America  highlights some critical opportunities for companies willing to make the extra effort.

Many customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Customer Service has long been seen as a proactive way to differentiate your business from price sensitive competitors. Adding value to the customer experience is already proven to improve customer retention rates, reducing customer churn and improving balance sheets. The opinion of thought leaders in the Customer Service industry are driving Customer Service improvement as a sales strategy too. Given many companies selling very similar products or services to each other customers are looking for an easily identifiable way to choose the best from the rest. Customer referrals are crucial in todays social media ecosystem where people are sharing much much more about their daily buying experiences. Delivering a great customer experience is definitely shareable and noteworthy. 


This graphic shows 76% of customers would be prepared to pay 5% more to receive a better customer experience and over half would pay 10% more. Shopping is no longer a chore, but still a necessity and often a part of our leisure time, it's something we all want to enjoy doing. Loyalty is strengthened and gained with an enjoyable experience Just to prove the point that opportunity awaits for those willing to go the extra mile


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