Offline before online - Where does your social media campaign start?


While this has been obvious to many for years. Even I find myself focusing on the wrong side of this equation. Sometimes writing blog posts is a great way to articulate and formulate ideas for yourself. But perhaps this will be a reminder to you as well... I suspect that most social media campaigns are started by people thinking about;

"What should we share or do on our Facebook or Twitter page that will increase followers/likes, people talking about us and get comments/replies etc"

When it could be;

"What can we do offline that our customers and fans will talk about online"

The best social media campaign could be one where there is no company or brand [online] social media driven activity at all.

Brands do not necessarily need a Twitter or a Facebook page to drive their social media campaign or get lots of brand mentions online.

We know that the lions share of brand related social conversations are generated from offline brand experiences, so why are so many brands thinking about what they share on FB or Twitter before what they do offline. In fact I think brands typically think about how their Facebook audience can create or drive offline action, where I think it should be the other way around.

A good social media campaign does not start with your social media profiles, or even a creative content calendar, it starts with an offline brand experience that is so awesome people will talk about it, on and offline.