NZNTM On Twitter - The Final Report


After just the 3rd episode of New Zealand's Next Top Model I blogged about the related Twitter Traffic and the lack of and falling buzz around the show after just three weeks.


Last weekend the dramatic final played out on the final night of the New Zealand Fashion Week.

Here is a graph showing Twitter Mentions from the last three episodes of NZNTM

The final episode created more buzz than the first episode but the 2nd and 3rd last shows generated just half the number of mentions as the 2nd and 3rd episodes of the season.

So how many people were actually tweeting about #NZNTM over the final episodes? Answer: Less than 100 people were sharing tweets using the keyword 'NZNTM' in 3/4 final episodes. During the final less than 300 people generated almost 3.5k tweets and retweets so while they might be the passionate bunch we can definitely say NZNTM did not receive significant traction through Twitter.


I'm not looking at Facebook and perhaps that's where the eyeballs are for this TV show.  But given how much reach the NZNTM fan base had on Twitter I'm surprised they did not further encourage discussions and content through that channel.

See the next graph. Tweets during the final two episodes reached almost 20,000 people. So the foundation for a huge, engaged audience on Twitter is certainly there. And don't forget about those tweets that are on-topic but untagged.

I'd love to see viewer numbers for each episode. I wonder if there is any correlation between a drop in TV viewers and Tweets and whether a more organised and active social media campaign might have influenced those viewer numbers and help keep a few more people engaged in the show on and offline for more episodes.