NZHerald vs NZStuff on Twitter #stats #infographic


Recently Roy Morgan Research published the latest readership estimates for publications in New Zealand While Womens Magazines suffered significant falls The NZ Herald stood out with an estimated jump of 40,000 readers over the last 12 months

I'd love to discover some sort of correlation between social media use and an increase in readership but that's probably unrealistic. Even so I decided to compare @NZStuff and @NZHerald side by side with data from the last 30 days on Twitter to see if one or the other is getting more or less traction.

Sent Tweets



On average StuffNZ are posting more tweets per day but both accounts lack consistency

Time of Tweets and Retweets



NOTE : the graph starts and finishes a lunch time so it reads - Afternoon - Night - Morning

Both NZStuff and NZHerald follow a similar publishing pattern but NZStuff does have a spurt at 5am which is interesting. I wonder how many people are reading tweets at that time. But we can see that NZHerald is receiving 4x more Twitter action than NZStuff

Lets compare tweets

When you read an article on the respective website you have share options. NZHerald and NZStuff do this very differently and I think it highlights a tactic that one is dong well and the other not so much to get higher brand mentions and great reach on Twitter


On the NZHerald the share icons are at the top of the article

This is the format of the Tweet button post - Note that they have added their @Name at the end

NZer in 'boxing fight' before murder - Sport - NZ Herald News via @nzherald


StuffNZ only have the one general share icon at the top of the article

When you click the share icon you are directed to the bottom of the page to the share options

And the auto tweet that is created looks like this. No hashtags or @names referenced

Currently reading Getting Sonny Bill Williams signed a mission

NZHerald at the bottom of the article also have the general share icon with all the options but I think we can see a direct correlation between the high brand mentions on Twitter for NZHerald and the way they have easier, faster and more prominent share options right at the top of the article that includes their @Name





NZStuff reach averages about 20-25k people on Twitter while NZHerald's reach is around 60k people per day.




In terms of @Name mentions on Twitter NZHerald is receiving twice as many mentions per day but perhaps NZStuff is nudging ahead with more Retweets than NZHerald



Here's the Infographic to highlight the face-off


There is a distinct correlation between share button placement and the pre-formatted tweet and the amount of brand mentions, retweets and followers each news website has

The way you style your tweet buttons and the addition of @Names and Hashtags can greatly increase the visibility of your brand on Twitter.

NZHerald are performing miles ahead of NZStuff on Twitter.  The Heralds articles get in front of more people more of the time.

I think these are some telling and interesting insights. What do you think?