Who's getting the most shares | Monday AM - NZHerald or NZStuff


I love stats. Data provides so many insights that drive strategic and even tactical changes in digital/social campaigns. Without data you're just throwing bricks at a wall and hoping they stick. Recently I've been tracking some key New Zealand online news media websites. I record each time one of their pages is shared through Twitter or Facebook and analyse the data to explore what, who and how their readers are sharing their content.

At the moment I'm focusing on NZHerald.co.nz and Stuff.co.nz

A full report on my findings is due out in the next few weeks.

So who's winning on Monday morning? These charts show how many times links from each website were shared through Facebook or Twitter including Retweets.


9 - 10: 81. 10-11: 105. 11-12: 118



9 - 10: 163. 10-11: 199. 11-12: 179

It will be interesting to dig into this data and compare activity over a full week.

There are some key things I'm looking for from these reports;

  • What is the pattern of social sharing for each site across the week
  • Is there a correlation between how share posts are written or structured and the volume of shares.
  • Demographic data
  • Tools, Apps and devices readers of each site use to share their articles and thus consume their content.
  • Are the sites publishing content at the times that get them the most social shares?


If you'd like to see stats like this comparing a couple of other sites please leave a comment and I'll start running some reports.