Non Solo Pizza - culinary delights and a bruised head

NSP or Non Solo Pizza is an Italian restaurant in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. There website is the most awful website I have ever seen and certainly not befitting of the delights that await you. 

Yesterday was my birthday. My Fiancée and I decided to go out for dinner and decided to try NSP. We had heard great reviews that the service and food was top notch.

We started off with a glass of Sparkling Rose and Pane (Breads and Oils) and Bruschetta al Pomodoro+

For our mains Jen had the Ravioli di Pollo and I had the Lamb Rump

Totally delicious!

And then came desert. Orange Panna Cotta with rich Chocolate Sauce and some Gelato

Then the night and my mood changed, big time. As you do I went to the toilet, just before desert. The unisex was occupied so I used the disabled toilet which can feel a little like using a disabled parking lot at times without the fine. Anyway on the way out I washed my hands, opened the door and smash! My head bangs against the top of the door frame. Now I am 6 foot 2 but in the normal course of life I have never ever met a door I could not normally walk through. I guess people in wheelchairs are never going to be over 6 foot. So I looked at the other toilet door and sure enough it was normal height, which made the disabled toilet door about 5 inches lower but just enough for it to be above my line of vision. 

So swearing and cursing I went to the reception desk and spoke to a waiter while rubbing my head and pointed out what had happened and he said

oh you bumped your head right...yeah that happens *grin*

and he walked off. I spoke to the front of house women and her response was 

Well our normal toilets are inside, we dont really use those ones...

Well what a way to make your customer infuriated, making out that it was my fault, and even though they all knew about the low door way no one has ever considered putting up a sign or even getting a friendly builder to fix the bloody thing.. I mean HELLO a customer just smashed his head in your restaurant you know one bloody gives a damn. You certainly wont see me there ever again with that attitude!.....But then this...


The Customer Service Recovery

So I have just called NSP and asked to speak to the Manager or the Owner. Vivian who answered the call is one of the owners. I explained to Vivian what happened. She gasped, apologized and acknowledge that the door is lower. She said a sign would be placed on the door today to warn others to watch their heads.

Vivian said staff should care and should have done more and that she would address this with her staff at the next meeting. And that a drinks voucher would be left for me for the next time I'm there

Well I appreciate that.

Thanks Vivian at NSP