New image, New website and a New proposition

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FLITTER has a new website! BUT you can't check it out till you've read the story.

In January Jen and I got Married. Then we had several contracts to finish off before we could go to Rarotonga on our Honeymoon. So we took that time to re-think our purpose and the direction our company was going to take.  As with any project like this we've gone through countless iterations while we're researching, reading and debating what we were about.

Jen and I bring an immense amount of IP, experience and insight to any social/digital project. But there is one thing we decided very early on. That we are only going to work on projects that WE LOVE, that we're passionate about. If we don't get excited we're never going to bring the energy or the right ideas to the table to bring the campaign to life. You can't engage online whether it's for yourself or anyone else if you're just not that interested.

So this week we launch our signature package '100 Days of FLITTER'. We've split the package into three segments, Social Business, Social Brands and Social Campaigns. With 100 days companies get access to our full fire-hose of insights, experience and creativity. For us, business is about relationships, partnerships that create and inspire. We're not busy watching the clock, we're making it happen.

With this new package we have limited the amount of projects we can take on at any one time. At the moment we have limited spaces available for new 100 Days of FLITTER projects. So if your business wants to make the Social Web a high priority you're best to get in touch.

Click the image to see the new website..