My top 10 sources for great content

Creating and distributing engaging, interesting and compelling content is a very powerful marketing tactic. Community managers, marketers and customer service staff should be paying careful attention, constantly on the look out for great stories and ides.

Here is my top 10 list of sources for great content.

10. QnA and resource sites like and

9. Industry bloggers and commentators

8. Research reports from Forrester or eConsultancy

7. Personal annicdotes and experiences

6. Twitter industry hashtag feed

5. Internal resources. Your employees/collegaues 

4. Industry Expert and Guest Bloggers

3. Suppliers and partners

2. Updates and new product features

And my number 1 source for great content is ...

Your customers!

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. But all too often customer stories and case studies are forgotten about.


Where else to you go to for compelling content ideas?