My Favorite Salad Recipe

Ok a post for the foodie in all of us.

My Sister Helen is a Chef and a very good one at that. She won the award for the "Best Young Chef" in the South of England in 2006. Then she went to Tokyo and worked at Gordon Ramsey's Restaurant in the Conrad Hotel. After there she worked at Michel Troisgros's award winning restaurant in the Hyatt Hotel

Now after 4 months traveling Helen and her husband are in Nice, France where she has landed her dream job as Chef on a Super Yacht!

I talked to her on Skype this morning as she was creating a menu plan and she asked me for some salad ideas. We eat salads quite often as they are very fast to prepare and healthy.

Justin's Lamb, Pear and Parmesan Salad

Actually lamb, beef, chicken or vegetarian sausages all work fine

Greens - I prefer rocket and spinach but of course any garden greens are fine

wash, and dump a pile in your bowl

 Salad bean mix - High in protein you can get cans of salad beans from the supermarket

sprinkle 1/3 of a small can over the greens

Parmesan Cheese - just for taste so not too much

 Grate and sprinkle over salad

Pear - Generally I use green pears and you dont want one thats too soft

Cut the pear in to quarters, then use the slicer (in the grater) or very thinly slice the pear and add to the salad

Gently mix everything up

Lamb - always buy the best quality you can or leftovers from Sunday's roast is always a treat. Usually I get steaks or some rump.

Cook your meat whole. I cook mine medium rare for a nice delicate finish. Thinly slice your meat and arrange however you like over or beside your greens

A little cracked pepper and olive oil dressing to finish if you like and dig in.


Thats my favorite salad recipe. I hope you'll try it and leave me some comments with ideas for improving it or little tweaks you would add. 

Goes very very well with a Pinot Gris by the way